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2014 IRS Pension Plan Limits

401(k) Deferral Limit - $17,500

Annual Additions Limit - $52,000

Maximum Compensation Limit - $260,000

Catch-Up Contribution Limit - $5,500

Highly Compensated Employee - $115,000

ESOP 5-Year Distribution Threshold - $1,050,000

ESOP Additional Year Threshold - $210,000

2014 Pension Plan Limits

1989 - 2013 Plan Limits

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The Congressional Company Visit

Today I will be participating in an ESOP advocacy panel discussion on getting involved in government. We will be discussing the recent Positive ESOP Legislation and the need to Remain Vigilant. We will also be planning some trips to visit Capital Hill.

The ESOP Association is currently running a series of tips for Scheduling a Meeting with your Congressional Representative:

  • Part 1 – The most effective way to obtain Congressional support is to arrange a company visit. "To make the factual case – since 1982, no member who has visited an ESOP company in his or her Congressional District or State has failed to take the pro-ESOP position."

  • Part 2 – This part provides guidance on how to call or write to schedule a company visit. "But emails and faxes are frequently ignored if arrangements are not made ahead of time to email or fax a staff person directly. So when discussing the formal written invitation, ask if you can email it directly to the person handling the member of Congress schedule. If you are not given a specific person's email address, rely on a letter. If faxing, only fax to the person who has told you, "I will expect your fax.""

  • Part 3 – This part discusses the best time for a company visit. "So the best time to arrange a visit with a member of Congress is when there are no crisis ESOP issues to be decided by Congress, or in other words, NOW. Specific Time: The best time for a Congressional visit would be during Employee Ownership Month at one of the company's EOM events, during October."

We have previously shared a link to a Capital Hill Visit Kit and some recaps of recent visits in Capital Hill Visit Recap, Incredible Success Rate: Visiting 73% of Elected Representatives, and Recap of a 2008 Illinois ESOP Capitol Hill Visit. All of our ESOP legislative coverage can be found using the legislation label.